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14th Sunday after Pentecost/Hieromartyr Phocas, Bishop of Sinope


Welcome.  Thank you for joining us in the Divine Liturgy.  Here are those portions of the liturgy that change from week to week. You are welcome to join with us in song and prayer.  Holy Communion is only given to Orthodox Christians who have prepared themselves by prayer, fasting, and recent confession. All present are welcome to partake of the blessed bread offered by the priest at the end of the service. You are also invited to join us for an Agape luncheon after the liturgy.


(at the Divine Liturgy)


Tone 5 Troparion(Resurrection)

Let us, the faithful, praise and worship the Word,

co-eternal with the Father and the Spirit,

born for our salvation from the Virgin;

for He willed to be lifted up on the Cross in the flesh,

to endure death,

and to raise the dead//

by His glorious Resurrection.


Tone 3 Troparion(Holy Apostle Quadratus)

Holy Apostle Quadratus,

entreat the merciful God,//

to grant our souls forgiveness of transgressions!


Tone 4   Trooparion(Hieromartyr Phocas)

By sharing in the ways of the Apostles,

Thou didst become a successor to their throne.

Through the practice of virtue, thou didst find the way to divine contemplation, O inspired one of God;

By teaching the word of truth without error, thou didst defend the Faith, even to the shedding of thy blood.//

Hieromartyr Phocas, entreat Christ God to save our souls!




Tone 5  Kontakion(Resurrection)

Thou didst descend into hell, O my Savior,

shattering its gates as Almighty,

resurrecting the dead as Creator,

and destroying the sting of death.

Thou hast delivered Adam from the curse, O Lover of man,//

and we cry to Thee: O Lord, save us!


Tone 8 Kontakion(Holy Apostle Quadratus)

The universe offers Thee, O Lord, the Apostle Quadratus

as a most honored hierarch and athlete of great strength;

with hymns it honors his all-venerable memory,

And asks that through him Thou grant forgiveness of transgressions to those who sing his praise.


Tone 2 Kontakion(Hieromartyr Phocas)

The Master established thee as a brilliant sun

shining on all the faithful, glorious Hieromartyr Phocas.

He has accepted thy life, faith and contest as myrrh,

for He is rich in mercy.


Tone 5Prokeimenon

Thou, O Lord, shalt protect us and preserve us from this generation forever.

(Ps 11/12:7)


v: Save me, O Lord, for there is no longer any that is godly! (Ps 11/12:1)


Epistle 2 Corinthians 1:21-2:4

[21] Now he which stablisheth us with you in Christ, and hath anointed us, is God;
[22] Who hath also sealed us, and given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts.
[23] Moreover I call God for a record upon my soul, that to spare you I came not as yet unto Corinth.
[24] Not for that we have dominion over your faith, but are helpers of your joy: for by faith ye stand.

[1] But I determined this with myself, that I would not come again to you in heaviness.
[2] For if I make you sorry, who is he then that maketh me glad, but the same which is made sorry by me?
[3] And I wrote this same unto you, lest, when I came, I should have sorrow from them of whom I ought to rejoice; having confidence in you all, that my joy is the joy of you all.
[4] For out of much affliction and anguish of heart I wrote unto you with many tears; not that ye should be grieved, but that ye might know the love which I have more abundantly unto you.


Tone 5 Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

v: I will sing of Thy mercies, O Lord, forever; with my mouth I will proclaim Thy truth from generation to generation.  (Ps 88/89:1)  

v: For Thou hast said: “Mercy will be established forever; My truth will be prepared in the heavens.” (Ps 88/89:2)


Gospel  Luke 5:1-11

[1] And it came to pass, that, as the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God, he stood by the lake of Gennesaret,
[2] And saw two ships standing by the lake: but the fishermen were gone out of them, and were washing their nets.
[3] And he entered into one of the ships, which was Simon's, and prayed him that he would thrust out a little from the land. And he sat down, and taught the people out of the ship.
[4] Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught.
[5] And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net.
[6] And when they had this done, they inclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake.
[7] And they beckoned unto their partners, which were in the other ship, that they should come and help them. And they came, and filled both the ships, so that they began to sink.
[8] When Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus' knees, saying, Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord.
[9] For he was astonished, and all that were with him, at the draught of the fishes which they had taken:
[10] And so was also James, and John, the sons of Zebedee, which were partners with Simon. And Jesus said unto Simon, Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men.
[11] And when they had brought their ships to land, they forsook all, and followed him.​​​


Communion Hymn

Praise the Lord from the heavens! Praise Him in the highest!  (Ps 148:1)

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Today we commemorate  Hieromartyr Phocas, Bishop of Sinope; Prophet Jonah; Saint Jonah the Presbyter, father of Saint Theophanes the Hymnographer and Theodore Graptus; Venerable Jonah, Abbot of Yashezersk; Martyr Phocas the Gardner of Sinope, Sait Peter the Tax Collector; Venerable Macarius, Wonderworker of Zhabynka and Beleve, Sinaxis of the Saints of Tula; and Venerable Cosmas of ZographouMonastery, Mount Athos


Hieromartyr Phocas

Hieromartyr Phocas was born in the city of Sinope. From youth he led a virtuous Christian life, and in his adult years he became Bishop of Sinope. Saint Phocas converted many pagans to faith in Christ. At the time of a persecution against Christians under the emperor Trajan (98-117), the governor demanded that the saint renounce Christ. After fierce torture they enclosed Saint Phocas in a hot bath, where he died a martyr’s death in the year 117. In the year 404, the relics of the saint were transferred to Constantinople (July 22). The Hieromartyr Phocas is especially venerated as a defender against fires, and also as a helper of the drowning.


Prophet Jonah

The Holy Prophet Jonah lived in the eighth century before the birth of Christ and was a successor of the Prophet Elisha. The Book of the Prophet Jonah contains prophecies about the judgments on the Israelite nation, the sufferings of the Savior, the downfall of Jerusalem, and the end of the world. Besides the prophecies, the Book of Jonah relates how he was sent to the Ninevites to preach repentance (Jon. 3: 3-10).

Our Lord Jesus Christ, addressing the Scribes and the Pharisees who demanded a sign from Him, said that no sign would be given except for the sign of the Prophet Jonah, “As Jonah was in the belly of the whale three days and three nights, so also shall the Son of Man be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights” (Mt. 12: 40). From these words the Lord shows clearly the symbolic meaning of the Book of the Prophet Jonah in relation to Christ’s death on the Cross, descent into Hell, and the Resurrection.

Reproaching the lack of penitence and recalcitrance of the Jews, the Lord said, “The Ninevites shall rise in the judgment with this generation and will condemn it, because they repented at the preaching of Jonah; and one greater than Jonah is here” (Mt. 12: 41).






Today we welcome Father Mark Sherman. Father Mark is retired, but fills in for absent clergy. He has been with us previously and we joyously welcome his return!
The Book Group will meet Sunday October 6 after liturgy to discuss His Life is Mine. Please see Lisa to join the email list for more information.
The Parish Council will meet Sunday October 13.
We are looking for a four drawer filing cabinet to store choir music and other liturgical materials. If you can loan us a pickup truck so we can pick one up, please contact Chris.


Vestments for our Priest

Liturgical Vestments of different are worn on various feast days of the Church.  While Gold vestments are always appropriate, certain feast days call for different colored vestments.  For instance, feasts commemorating the Mother of God call for light blue or white. Those commemorating the Cross of our Lord call for Red or Purple; those in Lent call for dark blue, purple of black.


Pascha, Christmas (and funerals) call for white.


At this time we have Gold and red only. The Altar Committee would like to purchase a set of White now and, before Lent, a set of either purple or black. We intend to order one or both sets early in October. If you would like to contribute to that cause, contact Mel, Michael, Gary or Chris either today or next week.

P.S.  This will be a surprise for Father Ceraphim. Don’t tell him!






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