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Substantial Unbroken Faith in Jesus Christ for over Two Millennia
Ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls. (Jer. 6:16)
First and foremost welcome! We are pleased that you are taking the time to discover our Church. This page is intended to help a person become better informed about our Faith: Orthodox Christianity; nevertheless we would encourage everyone to come and experience Orthodox Christian Worship first hand, it really is best encountered this way. 
As a Church family we desire to help each other and our community live the timeless Christian way of life. We believe that this life is not based on any one person, or even a limited group of people, but on the whole experience of the Body of Christ throughout time. We believe that Christianity is beyond individual likes and dislikes, and that it is not meant to try and emulate every latest fashion. Rather, It reflects the eternity of Heaven and is conformed to the timeless Revelation of Jesus Christ. 
If you are weary of "feel-good" faiths and are seeking substance; if you are looking for relief from the ever changing winds and fads of the modern world and all that may follow after it, we are sure that you will find the ancient Orthodox Christian Faith a peaceful sanctuary.
What is Orthodoxy?
This is a common question. Essentially, Orthodoxy is unbroken Christian Faith and Worship 
as it has been lived for over two thousand years. It is the most ancient, living, and continually
practiced Christian Faith on Earth; it is the Church founded by Jesus Christ and His Apostles.  
 How do you worship?
We worship according to the Christian way. We did not make it up, we received this way of life from Christians before us (all the way back to Jerusalem). We believe worship is not about us, rather it is about worshiping God and being transformed into His image and likeness. Our worship is truly God centered worship; therefore we worship as Christians have from the beginning: in Liturgy. Our worship traces itself all the way back to Hebraic worship.
 Do you believe the Bible?
Yes. The compilation of Christian writings known as the New Testament was assembled by the Orthodox Church. This process was solidified by the mid-late 300's. Essentially it was a group of Christian leaders known as Bishops who, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, selected the books of the New Testament and then announced them to be “canonical” (from another Greek word, Kanon - measuring rod, standard of excellence). We believe that the Scripture is inspired of God and the word of God. In the long run we believe in Christ Jesus, of Whom the Bible testifies. The Bible is the most exceptional Christian writing, but our faith is not derived from a book (no matter how wonderful and inspired) but in the incarnate Word of God - Jesus Christ.
What if I would like to visit?
Everyone is welcome! A few things you may want to know:
We stand most of the time. Why? Because we are worshiping! We relax at home or elsewhere, but we worship in Church. Think of Heaven, and if you are familiar with the Bible think of the images of heavenly worship it presents, well, we are entering heaven on earth (Isaiah stood in loving awe of God, He did not go make a latte)! Sitting was introduced in western churches after the Protestant Reformation when a more lecture oriented approach became dominant.  Although, if age or infirmity requires one to sit, that is perfectly fine. 
The priest/pastor almost never faces the congregation. Why? Because we are worshiping the Lord together! In Orthodoxy we all face God and worship Him together. We are a worshiping community. It is not about the pastor (or a band), nor is it about the people. The focus of worship for us is God (you can tell a lot about a group by the way they worship). 
There are no musical instruments. Why? Because mankind is the highest "instrument" of God, though we do not believe  musical instruments are bad at all. We bring to Church that one simple sacrifice: ourselves. We believe that in the end everyone will stand before Christ with nothing but one's life and how one lived (no instruments, no career, no riches, no poverty, no false pretenses, etc.) We come to Church as before the throne of Christ the Lord.
We have candles, icons, incense, reverence, beauty, and more!
Most of all know that you are welcome!